The Rev. Josée Lemoine has prepared and sent a newsletter, introducing the clergy now working in Laurentian Regional Ministry as of September 1st, 2018. Please click here to read the letter.

We welcome Rev. Nick Brotherwood and Tania Lesack to our ministry team.

See also the status of the Management Committee of the LRM.

pang nick revd smThe Rev. Nick Pang was ordained in Montreal in 2013. He served at the parish of St George’s, Place du Canada for two years before coming up to the Laurentians. He has been involved in the church at different levels, both local and international, for a number of years where his vocational passions include liturgy and ecumenical/interfaith cooperation. He’s a big fan of hiking and can from time to time be found practicing the Japanese Martial Art Aikido.

stavert bruce bishopThe Parish of the Lower Laurentians extends a warm welcome to our interim priest, Bishop Bruce Stavert.
Bishop Stavert will take up part-time residence in the rectory in Ste. Agathe and work with Father Nick to meet the needs of the Laurentian Regional Ministry until a permanent priest is installed. Bishop Stavert was Anglican Bishop of Quebec and Metropolitan of Canada. He served as bishop of Quebec from 1990 to 2004 and as archbishop until 2009. He was educated at Trinity College in Toronto and was ordained in 1964. He began his career at Schefferville, Quebec. He was a fellow and chaplain at his old college until 1976 and then the incumbent at St Clement’s Mission East, St Paul’s River in Quebec. He was chaplain at Bishop's University from 1981 to 1984 and then Dean of Saskatchewan until his elevation to the Episcopate. We are fortunate and grateful to have someone with such a wealth of experience to assist Father Nick in seeing us through this period of transition.

leavitt pangfp sArchdeacon Ralph Leavitt was formally installed as incumbent of the new Laurentian Regional Ministry and the Rev. Nick Pang as associate priest at a service in St. Simeon’s Church, Lachute, on Sunday, August 2.
Preaching at the service in one of his last acts as bishop of Montreal. the Right Rev. Barry Clarke said that, like the Christians of the First Century, those of the 21st need to overcome rivalries and work together.

Read article as it appeared in the Anglican Montreal

leavitt pangfp s The Parish of the Lower Laurentians is now four of 10 churches forming "Laurentian Regional Ministries"

In this Regional Ministry model there are 2 full-time priests to serve the area, in addition to a large cohort of retired priests, lay readers and worship leaders. The clergy live at opposite ends of the region: the Venerable Ralph Leavitt in Ste. Agathe, and the Reverend Nick Pang in Lachute.

Priest in Charge The Venerable Ralph Leavitt, Incumbent 819-326-2146 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  The Reverend Nicholas Pang, Associate Priest 450-562- 2917 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Laurentian Regional Ministry is the newest area within the Anglican Diocese of Montreal. It’s a model of collaborative leadership intended to serve the communities of a large and diverse geographic area.