As congregation members, we become stewards of these sacred grounds. As families, we want the cemetery where our loved ones are buried to look lovingly tended. A debt of gratitude is owed to those who volunteer their time and provide funds to ensure the respectful maintenance of our local cemeteries. Most of us rarely, if ever, think of the challenges facing our cemeteries. Do we have any idea what it takes or how much it costs just to keep the grounds looking cared for? Often a fee is charged for “perpetual care” at the time of purchase of the burial plot, but what does that mean and how can it possibly cover both maintenance and repairs (that will likely be necessary) into perpetuity? So what is happening in the PLL’s four cemeteries?

3479178.binAt St. Paul’s, Dunany, The “Little Red Church” and its peaceful country cemetery have been loved and cared for over the years by the members of St-Paul’s congregation (generations of members dating back to 1878) and the caring people of the Dunany community at large. A few years ago, we were blessed with a number of people from the community taking a renewed interest in our church and cemetery. Special thanks to Dr. Louis Lapierre for his generous contribution to the church and cemetery. Sincere gratitude also goes to the many people from the Dunany Community and beyond for their tireless efforts in beautifying our country cemetery. Special thanks to Sheryl Caron for her loving care of the gardens.

St. Aidan’s, Louisa founded the Louisa Cemetery Committee as a charitable organization in 2003, with the help of Rev. Peter Asbil. Prior to this it was also run separate from but connected to the church, giving a report at St. Aidan’s annual Vestry Meeting. This is a multi-denominational cemetery. Up until 2015, there was a work day on the first Saturday in May, with all of the committee and some other people with family or friends in the cemetery. Now there is a person doing the clean-up, but if anything major needs to be done, a work day is organized. The annual meeting is held in the second week of May.

View an excellent web site showing an inventory and many different views of St. Aidan's Cemetery.

Christ Church, Mille Isles, along with Presbyterian Church in Mille Isles, have formed a Cemetery Board which looks after three local Protestant cemeteries – one at Christ Church, one at the Presbyterian Church and thirdly a Methodist cemetery at the corner of chemin Mille Isles and Route 329. The same group of volunteers that form the board also look after the maintenance of the three cemeteries. The dedication of such volunteers is priceless.

Holy Trinity, Lakefield this cemetery has suffered a lot of vandalism over the years. Finances have been tight and human resources few. However, recently a lot of time and energy has been directed at mapping and photographing each stone, clearing away the encroaching shrubs and cleaning stones, thanks to a new and active pairing of Louise Johnston and Jim Kyle who form the Cemetery Committee. Others also volunteers help with some of the tasks. A great deal of repair work remains to be done, but it is a priority and the journey has begun in earnest. A book listing all those buried in this cemetery, along with any available information, will be produced.