The Parish of the Lower Laurentians is a Christian community, we are committed to sharing the gifts of God with the whole people of God. We look forward to finding ways to develop combined services,events and acivities for the benfit of all that will bring the wider parish together under a common identity and mission.

The Parish is committed to growth in mutual understanding and support for individuals and congregations, within the parish, that together we may fulfill our calling as the people of God in service to our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Parish of the Lower Laurentians is now four of 10 churches forming "Laurentian Regional Ministries" The Laurentian Regional Ministry is the newest area within the Anglican Diocese of Montreal. This historic parish is located in the lower Laurentians and includes a large portion of the County of Argenteuil; in particular, the communities of Gore (Dunany and Lakefield), Mille-Isles, and Wentworth (Louisa and Dunany). The parish is situated between the cities of Montreal and Ottawa. The drive to Montreal is an hour and to Ottawa, an hour and a half.

Church Addresses:

mille islesChrist Church, 1258 Mille-Isles Road, Mille-Isles, QC








lakefieldHoly Trinity Church, 4 Cambria Road, Lakefield-Gore, QC







louisaSt. Aidan’s Church, 86 Louisa Road, Wentworth, QC.








st pauls 180St. Paul’s Church, 1127 Dunany Road, Gore, QC.






We see ourselves primarily as a community that exists to worship God in both Word and Sacrament. This Ministry is intended to provide a firm foundation for the Christian life. The Ministry of Word is meant to deliver both the scriptural message and the means to use that message to meet the demands and challenges of daily life in our contemporary context. Under the leadership of the Priest in Charge, the Team helps get the message to the congregation in a number of ways. The Ministry of Sacrament is to provide the means of grace to strengthen the people of God in their faith and ministry. As a new Parish, created in the Spring of 2010, our mission to the community and our outreach arestill evolving.


Regular Sunday Services follow the Book of Alternative Services and, less frequently, the Book of Common Prayer. The readers, the Altar Guild and the music direction are coordinated separately in each church.

On a regular basis, St. Aidan‘s, Louisa offers a family-oriented service. St Paul's has an annual Beach Service, Holy Trinity, Lakefield offers bilingual services with an alternative approach to music.

The schedule of services is shown seperately here.

The Team

Through the individual members of the Parish, the Lay Readers,Lay Assistants, and the Clergy, the Parish of the Lower Laurentians uses team ministry to unify the parish and to provide for the ministry and mission of the church in this place.This allowsGod to use the various gifts of His people to serve the church as a whole. It also provides for mutual and synergistic support within the team.

We are fortunate to have three Lay Readers, commissioned by the Bishop, wholead Morning and Evening Prayer. Several Lay Assistants help administer the chalice, lead the Prayers of the People and read the lessons. Many active volunteers take on other roles as appropriate and needed.

The team, representative of all the churches, is coordinated and guided in its mission, ministry and management by the Priest in Charge. This leaves room for people to focus on their own churches within the Parish if and when they so wish.


When a parishioner needs support in a time of crisis, the ministry arranges visitation. Depending upon the circumstances, the visit may be made by the Priest in Charge, by a member of the Parish visitation team or by a member of the team ministry.


There is a group of people who pray confidentially for specific needs of individuals within the Parish, or for those who are known to parishioners.


Music is an integral part of our worship and each congregation has its own unique approach to music ministry. This varies in genre, from traditional organ music to bluegrass gospel. The music also varies from a planned selection of hymns with choir to requests before the service begins.

Mission Statement

We, of the Parish of the Lower Laurentians, wish to prayerfully follow the footsteps of our Lord and Saviour, taking steps slowly and carefullygrowing together asfour congregations.

We want to be inclusive and welcoming of all who enter our doors,sharing the good news with all who wish to join us.

We want to be an outreaching parish, showing concern for our neighbours both near and far andmeeting our community members where they are.

We want to develop into an uplifting, spiritual parish, withgrowth ineach congregation and with a strong parish ministry usingthe many talents of all of its members.

We want to be prepared for change, open to new ideas, and ready to prayerfully answer God’s call to us.

We offer this unto our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and ask that His will be done through all our actions and decisions.

“There are different kinds of gifts, but the same spirit; different kinds of service, but the same Lord; different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all people.”


Each church has its own Corporation composed of two Wardens. Each Corporation has its own Treasurer. Certain administrative duties are assumed by the Corporations and congregations. Each church manages its own revenues and expenses, contributes a certain percentage toward the cost of Parish Ministry, and managesits services,social activities, committee work, building maintenance and repair and financial management. Certain volunteers in the parish manage the service schedule and preparing the weekly service bulletins, under the guidance of the Priest in Charge.

Growth in the Parish is essential for survival. ThePriest in Chargeassumes initiatives, providing the congregants with the means to address the community on how membership and participation in the church will enrich their lives. A particular need for growth is amongst the youth of the parish, and their parents. The Priest in Charge, supported by volunteers, will continue to develop current early-stage initiatives andnew programs.


There are several forms of communication in the Parish:

  • The Sunday bulletin guides worshippers through the worship service, informs them of upcoming events and details the prayer list. The Parish at this time is fortunate to have one person willing to prepare the Sunday bulletins for all the churches.
  • The Parish maintains a Web site with the type of information contained in this profile as well as current information.
  • A Newsletter is published by some of the churches, and itshares information about activities and events is sent throughout the Parish on a regular basis.
  • The Parish Communicator distributes information from the Diocese or from other Parishes to those who wish to receive such updates.