During this special season, we are coming with a spread of services, just like we would have done if we were meeting in our buildings.
All services will be available via Zoom so both those who have internet and those who don’t may join us. Those who don’t have internet may join us by phone; the phone connections work better this week because only the Zoom subscribers (like us) have access to them now. Meeting via Zoom on Sunday mornings will allow us to stay connected after the service for an online coffee hour. How’s that? Please contact your priests for the Zoom Information.
To replace palms - We don’t have palms and won’t be processing Palm Sunday this year but Quitterie has shared a link, a very good idea: to hang some branches on the door of our houses. See the link: https://thedeaconsbench.com/a-beautiful-idea-for-palm-sunday/.  If you do that, please take a picture and send it to me to share on Facebook or our website.Click here to get the service

Yours in Christ,Josée