Please find attached the pattern for services we will be using throughout the Easter Season, until May 24th, Jerusalem Sunday. Connect here

The service includes everything except the 3 readings, the Psalm and collect for every Sunday. At the end of the document, I have indicated the readings for each Sunday and the page number in the BAS for the Collect of the Day, for those joining by phone who wish to follow in the BAS or in their Bible during the service.

I have also added some information about the May 3rd and May 24th services. On May 3rd, we will remember the Battle of the Atlantic in our prayers and I have indicated some information on this. I did the same for Jerusalem Sunday on May 24th.

The information for Zoom connections can be obtained from your priests, your wardens or your webmaster

The clergy team has decided to proceed this way in order to save on printing and energy spent on delivery of documents.

Looking forward to worshiping with you, Josée