The Management Committee of Laurentian Regional Ministry (LRM) has developed a survey to help gauge :1) what people are looking for from the LRM, and 2) what are the areas of strength and weakness.  There are two surveys:  A Congregants' Survey (Sondage auprès des congrégations) and a Public Survey (Sondage Publique). They are available in both English and in French - online or on paper.  All surveys must be handed in by the 31st of October.  For a description of which survey is  better suited for you, please click ReadMore.

The Congregants' Survey is for all those who identify as a member of one of the 10 churches in the LRM. 

A printed survey is now available in your church until the end of October.  We ask that the completed survey be returned by November 1st, 2017.  For more information on where to return your response, see the list below.   

The Congregants' Survey can also be found online by using the following link:

Congregants' Survey:

Sondage auprès des congrégations:


The Public Survey was developed in order to help us gauge the needs and desires of those in our communities who are not regular members of the parishes, but who could offer helpful insights into what people are looking for in their spiritual lives.  We encourage you to take a few minutes to answer the survey, available in English and in French.  Again, all responses must be returned before October  31st.  Printed copies are available in your local church.

The Public Survey can also be found online by using the following link: 

Public Survey:

Printed copies of the Surveys can be returned to any of the following:

1.  To your local church

2.  To Rev. Nick Pang or to Rev. Josée Lemoine.

3.  To your representative on the Management Committee as follows:

                Grace Church, Arundel             Bevin Boyd

                Holy Trinity, Ste. Agathe          John Richard

                St. John the Baptist, Kilkenny  Dave Ward

                St. Francis, St. Sauveur             Mike Tott

                Holy Trinity, Morin Heights     Mike Tott

                  St. Simeon`s Lachute               Susan Sioui

                Parish of Lower Laurentians    Hugh Mitchell  OR  Robert Percy   (The PLL comprises 4 churches: Christ Church, Mille-Isles, Holy Trinity, Lakefield, St. Aidan, Louisa and St. Paul, Dunany.)              

4.  To one of your Church Wardens